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Aug 13, 2020 at 07:34 AM

Custom Part Numbers


We use a generic part number for parts that use the same bom items but are dimensionally different. These parts are one-offs and are quick to manufacture. We get hundreds of these custom parts with small dimensional changes daily. It is tough to explain without going into a lot of detail so here is a similar example. Say we make inflated red balloons. We have a part number "balloon". The customers are able to order balloons to different inflation levels. We note this in the description of the generic part number. A typical customer order would be a ballon, party hat, cake ect. But we have started having orders that are like ballon 2.5lbs inflation and also balloon 2.56lbs inflation. Our naming convention creates issues keeping the parts separated when creating production orders and creating deliveries. How can we maintain the flexibility of a universal part number and keep the parts separate? We have add-ons that look at part number.