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Aug 08, 2020 at 08:11 AM

Multiple customer masters to 1 BP


Dear Experts,

We have a scenario as below in ECC system, our client is looking for S/4HANA conversion.

Current scenario: There are multiple company codes in the system. A single customer is created a separate customer master for each company code in ECC. Illustration as below.

Company code Customer Description 1000 1234 ABC Limited 1100 1312 ABC Limited 1200 1211 ABC Limited

Required To-BE: One business partner. Merging all of the customers masters into one unique Business Partner.

Company Code Business Partner Description 1000 1234 ABC Limited 1100 1234 ABC Limited 1200 1234 ABC Limited

Is the above scenario possible using the BP-CVI process? If yes, can you please help with the step by step process?

The other alternative solution we have is, close all the customer masters and create a new customer master. Then do a cutover activity for open transactions and balances. After which CVI conversion can be taken place. But with this approach, we lose the historical transactions trace with the new customer master, in all the std. reports of SD and FI.

Best Regards,