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Aug 13, 2020 at 09:08 AM

Fiscal year and profit center for different countries


Dear Expert,

We are using SAP ECC 6.0

There is a airline company (ABC) who is having 7 subsidiaries company in different country, which they have made a company code in SAP.

Company Code:-

1. Bhutan (Jan-Dec.)

2. Bangladesh (Jan-Dec.)

3. India (Apr.-Mar.)

4. Nepal (Jan-Dec.)

5.Thailand (Jan-Dec.)

6.Singapore (Jan-Dec.)

7.Dubai (Jan-Dec.)

As we are using 1 COA for all company code and 1 Controlling Area. But fiscal year will be different for each company codes.

-For India company code it will be V3 and all other company code it will be K4.

QUES 1:- How we can we use fiscal year V3 for india company code and K4 for other company code parallely?

QUES 2:- Whai is the concept of parrallel currency? Will it be helpful and How? How it is to be configured?

QUES 3:- Which fiscal year is to be defined in Controlling Area?

QUES 4:- Which Currency Type and currency will be defined in Controlling Area?

QUES 5:- Does every company code can use same Profit Center? if yes, then what will be the benefit? If not, then what will be the implication? what will be the better option (to use one profit center or to define 7 profit center for every company code)?