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Aug 06, 2020 at 11:21 AM

Deployment IBP - Order Based



I'm doing some tests for Deployment in IBP for Order based and I don't understand at all how the finite heurisctic works, especially since the upgrade to 2008 version of IBP.

Let me show you and example:

I have a supply chain of 3 plants, where 7095 supplies to plant 7091 and this one to 3035. The ATD profile defined in IBP only uses Stock quantity as ATD. I created two stock transfer requisition from 3035 to 7091 expecting that if the available stock is enough to cover this requirements two deployment stock transfer should be created (as did until the last upgrade). Nevertheless, I was surprised by the results after executition of Deployment operator because I see that a deployment Stock transfer was created from 7095 to 7091 to cover the stock out of plant 7091 due to the requirements made to it by plant 3035.

The 33.789 quantity for deployment is equal to the quantity that plant 7091 need to not have and stock out. I thought that maybe the problems comes from the transportation lane, but as you can see a transfer request from 7091 to 7095 was not used in deployment too.

Anyone can explain why I'm obtaining this results? That is correct? or Should I do any additional configuration to work like I expect?



deployment.jpg (83.3 kB)