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BEx Offset variable not returning any data in Design studio

Feb 15, 2017 at 07:22 PM


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I have created "Set offset for variable" function to show key figure amount something like this:

Jan 2017 Jan 2016

$100 $ 50

I can see correct amount in analyzer but when I use it in Design studio both column has same value.

Please suggest


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It would be helpful if you provided a screenshot of the following:

1) Your query in BEx Designer showing specifically the offset variable definition,;

2) Your BEx Analyzer results;

3) Your Design Studio results.

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1 Answer

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Former Member Feb 16, 2017 at 04:15 PM

Hi Mustafa,

BEx Designer- I have restricted by posting period to get Monthly comparison.

BEx Analyzer result- Fine

Design Studio- value on PREV co

My Goal- is to compare amount from selected FY to Prev year expenses monthly basis.


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Thanks for the screenshots. I am unable to replicate your issue. BEx offset variables are working fine for me. I am guessing that your BEx Variable for Fiscal Year is input-enabled. If so, how is the initial value being populated in Design Studio?

Can you provide a complete screenshot in BEx Query Designer of the definitions of Jan, Jan-Prev, Feb and Feb-Prev, showing the ENTIRE definition and not just the dimension with offset variable?

Also, what version of Design Studio and BW are you running?