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Aug 12, 2020 at 01:07 PM

SAP Conversational AI - Postman request returns internal server error


On a webchat while having a conversation with the bot, we are facing an error at random times.

We investigated the issues by doing postman request to the url '' with the following parameters:


"message": {

"type": "text",

"content": "hello" },

"conversation_id": "32d3d9cb-47ce-4143-b2f6-1248dfc1a755" }


and it return us this error message:


"results": null,

"message": "Internal Server Error",

"error": {

"error_code": "Botler-Api - 0022",

"uuid": "a36ef54b-22ef-4a5b-908e-b1328c393a69",

"origin_error_code": "JTech - 0001",

"details": [] }


Just to make sure about the error we tried to make the same request with a new Conversation ID and it works fine. Therefore we think that the conversation ID expires. Any idea to make it work ?