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Aug 10, 2020 at 11:44 PM

Exception Message 64 for 1 day After Adding Shift to Work Center


We added a shift to a work center for a route of a material. Rather than stated as one shift for 20 hours as it was, we restated it to reflect the two shifts of 10 hours each to total 20 hours. Now when we look in MD04 for the material, the Basic Finish date is one day less than the production finish date and we now get an exception message 64 for this material in many planned orders.

How can we properly state our work center using shifts but when the system generates basic and production dates it considers this and keeps the basic and production finish dates the same?

We do not maintain inhouse production time in the material master because for any given material number we have different routes. Therefore we do not want to update the inhouse prod time in the material master. We want to leave that blank.