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Aug 10, 2020 at 02:33 PM

SAP GUI for Windows Installation Server



We have went through the frontend installation guide LINK , but still have some questions on the Installation Server.

  1. Does the SAPGUI client’s user need admin privileges to the local computer in order to update? (Tried installing silently through a batch script with LSH configured, but it failed ([path to nwsapsetup] /Silent /Package="Basic"))
  2. If not, how does the SAPGUI get admin privileges to update the SAPGUI?
  3. Can AWUS be configured after the SAPGUI has been deployed?
  4. Possible gets updated after every check-in through the AWUS configuration screen?
  5. Where do you view the configured AWUS server(s) on a SAPGUI client?
  6. How do you test to ensure the AWUS will work?
  7. Is the LSH only for the package deployment tool from the installation server manager?
  8. Is it possible to modify variables after deployment?
  9. Possibly a GPO template?