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Aug 07, 2020 at 10:41 AM

TCODE: STVARV - Individual Maintenance screen call with Variable name as input


We have a dashboard transaction where we are planning to allow only the required TVARV variables to be maintained. Hence looking at option to call the Individual variable maintenance rather than entire TVARV option.

Is there a way to call tcode STVARV individual maintenance screen directly with Input as Variable name.

In TCODE: STVARV - there is an option (button) that allows Individual Maintenance (single variable to be maintained) - is there a way to call that screen directly by passing the required variable as well.

Screen 1 : Program: SAPMS38V - Initial Screen - there is option from this screen to call Individual maintenance

Screen: 1002 - Individual Maintenance screen

is there a way to call this screen 1002 directly and provide a variable as input.

Partial Solution: Created a custom tcode with program as SAPMS38V and Screen as 1002 - however there is no option to provide the Variable as Input.

Is there a way to call this Individual maintenance and allow only that variable to be maintained ?