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Aug 05, 2020 at 02:37 PM

MD41 with scheduling option 2 Determination of Basic Dates for Planned

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Hi, Guru,

When I run MD41 for a finished product (BOM contains another finished product and 2 external procurement products) with schedule option 2 (Determination of Basic Dates for Planned), it gives me a very long duration basic date and production date in planned order, when I add several hours in operation, the begin and end date of production can last years. However our whole operation is only several hours (packaging)md41-1.pngmd41-2.pngmd41-3.pngmd41-4.png.

I took a look on schedule tab, it is scheduled from past time (Jan 13 2020, we are now Aug 5 2020).md41-5.png

Could Someone tell me where is the point to check and fix? I simulate the same thing in our QA, there is no problem, for sure, the capacity is not same in QA as in Prod.When I run with schedule option 1 (Determination of Basic Dates for Planned), there is no problem either.



md41-1.png (18.1 kB)
md41-2.png (52.2 kB)
md41-3.png (109.0 kB)
md41-4.png (100.3 kB)
md41-5.png (23.3 kB)