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Aug 05, 2020 at 10:04 AM

One standard operation having more than one alternative sequence operations in Rouring


Hello all,

I was doing some test cases for alternative sequence in Routing, and came out with the Problem, that once i maintain one Operation (0010) and in this Operation I add an alternative sequence 12 (Branch 0010 - Return 0010) with 2 operations 0010, 0020.

Then when i save the Routing a message error appears that the 0020 alternative sequence is not inside the range or is incorrect. But anyways I save the Routing and then i create the production order, the System works and update the Right sequence Operation with the Right component allocations. My Question is, if is it possible to avoid this error message inside the Routing? or how can I do it correctly, so that im not getting this error message in the Routing?

thanks a lot!