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Stock determination process

Hi all,

In stock determination process, why all the storage locations do not hit in MMBE even after setting it in priority while configuring?

Followings steps already maintained:-

1. Created SDG

2. Created SDR

3. Maintained Header table

4. Maintained Item table

5. Maintained SDR in movement types for GR & GI

5. Assigned Plant, SDG, SDR

6. Maintained SDG in MRP2, plant storage 2 in material master

Any suggestions??

Thanks & Regards,


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Aug 01 at 06:45 PM

    Because it goes by priority

    Example: you have 2 storage locations storage loc 001-100pcs, storage loc 002- 200pcs,suppose you set priority 01 for storage loc 001 and priority 02 is for storage loc 002 then

    Scenario 1:Requirement of 100pcs

    In this scenario it first hits stock in storage location 001 fully where priority is set as 01 without entering in storage loc 002.

    Scenario 2: Requirement of 150pcs

    In this scenario if first hits stock in storage loc 001 where qty 100pcs and then it hits storage loc 002 for stock of 50pcs to fulfill requirement of 150pcs.

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