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Jul 31, 2020 at 08:54 AM

Compare two values at different posting date in BEx



I have a scenario where in BW ADSO I have records at below granularity. I want to compare AMT data with value 1 in Item number column v/s AMT data with value 2 in Item number which has the latest Posting date. If the AM is same then I want to print AMT column else nothing.

In below example I want to compare the first row Amount and third row amount and since the value is same , I want to print data. I want to implement this scenario in BEx. is it possible to do ? I have written a formula but it is not working as expected

"[AMT] GR" = "[AMT] PO" * "[AMT] GR" . It compares posting date as well and since posting date is not same it doesn't print anything. Can anyone please suggest how to implement this in BEx query.




data-set.png (6.5 kB)
data-set.png (6.3 kB)