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Jul 31, 2020 at 12:28 AM

How incompletion log works for Partner functions ?



My question is related to incompleteness log. I have configured a procedure for sales order - item and it is not working. Here are my requirements :

the partner determination procedure has 4 mandatory functions. let's call A,b,c and D. Users will enter them on the item level, they are not part of the customer master. I have also configured the incompleteness procedure for the item level, but when I test the partner functions are not appearing on the log but other fields are.

here is the config done:

1) Partner procedure configured with all 4 mandatory functions

2) assignment of the procedure to the item category

3) Partner functions setup as PE - 09

4) Account group - Function assignment done - Function to a employee

5) Incompleteness procedure setup for Item level. All fields are working with exception of the partner functions. Here is my setup

TAble - VBPA / Field - PARVW / Screen PPAR / Status 04 - with a warning.

Can someone please review and let me know if I am missing something ?

I have seen discussions on the forum regarding using user exits. I thought this could be accomplished just with configuration. I am wrong ?? is there anything on my scenario that would deviate from a standard scenario that would make me need a user exist to custom code ?

Thanks in advance,