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Jul 30, 2020 at 01:55 PM

TCD In Embedded S4HANA with Planning & Route Determination triggered from TM


Hi All,

This is my last hope to get some answer i tried everything including raising incident to SAP e.t.c but didn't found the right solution kindly please help me thank you.

Our customer who is furniture manufacturing having multiple plant few of them are regional distribution DC's & few other Manufacturing Plants With 90% of the business is Make to Order. Ex: When an order comes for 5 different products

4 of them will be manufactured in 4 different plants & 1 of them will be procured from vendor. all will be sent to regional DC which is near to customer.

MFG - Manufacturing Plant

RDC - Regional Distribution Center

Product A : MFG Plant P1 ----> RDC R1 ---> Customer

Product B : MFG Plant P2 ----> RDC R1 ----> Customer

Product C : MFG Plant P3 ----> RDC R1 -----> Customer

Product D : MFG Plant P4 -----> RDC R2 -----> RDC R1 -----> Customer

Product E : Vendor ---> RDC R3 ----> MFG P4 ( Act as RDC in this case) -----> RDC R2 ----> RDC R1 ----> Customer

I am able to achieve the above scenario with transportation cross docking ( as the owner of stock will be P1 , P2, P3 , P4 no matter it goes to how many RDC's in between ) .

Now here are the requirements from the client:

1) Client Needs to have flexibility in planning in TM & depends on the planning in TM the ship to party & final ship to party should be determined in EWM if it is required to go through RDC & still the owner of stock should be the issuing plant.

2) This Solution Should be available in Embedded S4HANA EWM as client is now moving from ECC to S4HANA but as per standard Routing Engine is only available when we enable decentralized,

3) Sometimes there might be additional processes like Kitting , Value Added Services for the products in RDC's as per request from their customers.

We also tried Transit Warehousing but there are lot more limitations like visibility of product e.t.c which will not work.

We found a smooth solution to trigger Route Determination from TM Planning to EWM TCD, but for this TCD should be available as part of S4HANA EWM Embedded.

Can any one through some light how to acheive this ?