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Jul 30, 2020 at 11:05 AM

Unable to deploy/access multi-tenant application using portal(/cp.portal)

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I am having a multi-tenant MTA application in cloud foundry - having UI5, launchpad, backend service and app-router modules.

When I am trying to deploy the launchpad module using the SaaS provisioning service instance - its giving deployment error in logs.

2020-07-30T10:51:31.75+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] ERR Deployment of site content to persistency failed [Deployment Id:none] , Error: Deploy to portal service failed, got status = 500, data: Failed to deploy site, instance id: a02e2ed6-5a60-4bee-9396-9ad7a5d69068, correlation id: d5f5e68e-6a73-47ef-7eaf-e204d0c6eec7 - Error: "Failed to import site, tenantId: 83153676-68eb-4f88-93e7-964c4b757180, instanceId: a02e2ed6-5a60-4bee-9396-9ad7a5d69068, appHostIds: {\"appHostIds\":[\"eff3ff02-d25d-4138-8121-57cce83e0d83\"],\"boundAppHostIds\":[],\"instanceId\":\"a02e2ed6-5a60-4bee-9396-9ad7a5d69068\"}, xsAppNameServicesMap: {\"\":\"mta_userdetail3!t46060\",\"html5-apps-repo-dt\":\"eff3ff02-d25d-4138-8121-57cce83e0d83!b46060|html5-apps-repo-uaa!b1685\"}, blueBoxMetadataStr: undefined Error : undefined"
   2020-07-30T10:51:31.76+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] ERR npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE
   2020-07-30T10:51:31.76+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] ERR npm ERR! errno 1


I am using the sap documentation -

Lets, say I do not add the SaaS service instance as 'requires' in mta.yaml file. It deploys fine.

I can access the launchpad from my provider account as well. But when I try to access as tenant - using app router , it give the following error

,"space_name":"dev","request_id":"d3014eb6-eff1-4d56-7622-e6151ebe8a33","msg":"GET request to /cp.portal/site completed with status 500 401 - {\"error\":\"unauthorized\",\"error_description\":\"Bad credentials\"}"}

Also, I am having uaa.user scope in the xs-serurity file and the scope is assigned to tenant .