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Jul 30, 2020 at 09:14 AM

Error when creating a new report defintion



I just upgraded my SAP Commerce 1811 from patch 6 to patch 23. When I am doing the following, I got a very unconfortable error:

1. Go to /backoffice and login
2. Go to System >> Report defintions
3. Click on plus to create a new report
4. Save it (without changes) gives of course a "Mandatory field missing" error, which is ok.
5. If I click again on the "Save" button, I receive this error even if I added all informations in the popup correctly. This error message won't go away until I close the window and create a new report. backoffice-error-view.png backoffice-error-reportdefinitions.txt

Does anyone experience the same issue? is this a SAP Commerce bug?

Best regards