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Aug 03, 2020 at 10:05 AM

Sales Solution design suggestions for an Operations and Maintenace business


Dear Solution Experts/Architects,

I am currently working on an S4Hana implementation project where my client is billing their customers monthly for the maintenace services provided for a period of years. Below is the breif explaination of their business.

1. Before the actual operation of the customer's plant start, there will be few other phases aggreed in their contract to make the power plant operational and they are billing seperatly in each phases based on the fee agreed in the contract.
2. Once the operation phases completes the regular mainteance phase will start where in addition to the Fixed Fee, based on the power plant's output they will be charging their customer a Variable Fee.
3. Also they have the Incentives(Debit Memos) and Liquidity Damage(Credit Memos) which depands on the Production Output.

As we donot have standard solution available in SAP SD to fit in the above business process, I have couple of ideas which might feasible here to customize and I would like to know the possibilities to handle the contract and billing process.
I might have not explained that clearly kindly let me know if any extra information is required, any ideas are much appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,