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Aug 02, 2020 at 06:32 AM

How to run Pre-written Crystal Reports (2016) within Visual Studio (2015)


I have just installed CR 2016 as a standalone development tool and want to be able to call these pre-written Crystal Reports from a form with date ranges etc and have been told Visual Studio is the best way as CR is no longer compatible with Delphi.

So I then have insalled VS 2015 and cannot find any docs showing how to do this.

I saw a video in a foreign language and I could see he went to Project\Add References\COM\Libraries and selected Crystal Viewer but when I go in there are hundreds and no docs telling me ones I should pick. He then coplied it through Project properties which made sense as this is what I would do in Delphi but I couldnt find a compile tab, only a build tab which didnt give the same options.

Does anyone know where there is any KB, video tutorials, manual or online help for interfacing between CR and VS.