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Jul 31, 2020 at 05:24 PM

How to replace blank value with space in abap

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Hi Team,

i need to populate space if filed value is blank.

im reading data from itab to file, few fields of itab contain blank value ,

CONCATENATE: <gfs_data>-znachn



<gfs_data>-zworloc INTO gs_output SEPARATED BY gc_sep1.

so my output file created in application server as below.

devediano~~Ckrole~70002348~~Outvendor RN CAP 1~~3107580~~~~11170000~0010.

now how do i insert space between ~~ ?

so my output file should be as beow.

devediano~ ~Ckrole~70002348~ ~Outvendor RN CAP 1~~3107580~ ~ ~ ~11170000~0010.

Thank you