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Jul 31, 2020 at 02:06 PM

Use specific condition rec. in Purchasing schema


I have a requirement to retrieve the net retail price (price before tax) from a specific distribution channel as calculated on our schema (application = V) and use it within the Purchasing schema (application = M), which functions on a different distribution channel. We CANNOT maintain the distribution channel reference as we do not want ALL prices on this different distribution channel to be retrieved from the V distribution channel.

Therefore, I need this to be specific to the M condition type I am creating. I have already maintained the appropriate reference Condition type and application values on the new condition type.

Is my only option here to create a custom pricing formula or is there a customizing solution for this? Here are some specifics to assist the discussion:

M Pricing schema: ZPOTST "Purchasing Schema", defined for use on distribution channel 20;

V Condition type that stores calculated Retail "Net" Price: VKP1

M Condition type created to retrieve Retail Net Price: ZKP1 --> defined to use VKP0 Access Sequence with the following:

I added this condition type to the schema but when I run the price calculation (VKP5), click Purchasing on the Distribution Channel 20, nothing appears. Looking in Analysis I see it could not find a record for the distribution channel 20; I need to "hard code" this to retrieve from channel 10.