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Jul 31, 2020 at 09:13 AM

ABAP Program to restore the delivery deleted from SMQ2


Dear Experts,

I'm new to ABAP. Unfortunately I've deleted a delivery in SMQ2. Either I want to restore the delivery or want to delete it.

We use EWM. Once the delivery is created the delivery will be distributed to the EWM. Since the end user unfortunately deleted the delivery in SQM2, I couldn't delete or change the delivery. If I go to VL02N, I'm getting an error message "The delivery is not yet distributed to the warehouse system; Change of delivery is not possible".

I was instructed to use ZCORRECT program in SE38 and to write a small program to cancel or restore the delivery.

Can you share me the script to be used in SE38 (ZCORRECt) to change the delivery. (I was instructed to use the table LIKP).

Thank you in advance.