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Jul 31, 2020 at 06:33 AM

Restrict rescheduling of Purchase order in MRP group level.


Dear Team,

We have one issue related to rescheduling process. Related to this issue I have 2 question.


The scenario is for the material XXXXX I have 2 vendors, for one vendor I have Scheduling agreement and another vendor I create purchase order. I have a planning time fence of 15 days. The issue is outside the planning time fence, in case if I have both Schedule lines and Purchase order, then only the purchase orders are rescheduled (Since firmed schedule lines alone can be rescheduled) even though the delivery date of the purchase order is more than 60 days (Exception message 10 - Bring process forward). Hence the business requirement is that outside the planning time fence, if any change in demand happens only the schedule lines needs to be rearranged, the purchase order should not be rescheduled.

I have tried to reduce the rescheduling horizon of the MRP group, but still I am getting the exception message. I have attached screen shot for reference:


In the MD04 screen you can see the PO delivery date is 16/10/2020, but it is getting rescheduled to 14/09/2020. This rescheduling should not happen.

I have tried changing the rescheduling horizon but it is not working.

But when I remove the Purchase order/ Schedule lines rescheduling from plant parameter in OMDW, it is working. But this will also prevent the rescheduling of Schedule lines inside planning time fence.

Is there any other place where MRP is considering the Rescheduling horizon other than MRP group (I have tried Material type assignment to MRP group setting also, but not working)

2) Second question, is there any way I can restrict the rescheduling of purchase order at MRP group level. By using a user exit or BADI or some enhancement?


Vignesh Shankar M.


md04.png (52.4 kB)