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Jul 30, 2020 at 01:31 PM

S/4 1909 ADSUBCON with project stock and third party provision of components

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we would like to use the A&D functionality for subcontracting with project stock in a S/4 1909 OnPremise System. In general this solution works but we have some issues / comprehension questions.

- w/o project stock: the MRP area subcontrator can be used (with or without A&D). Here the third party provision of components works fine - as described in

- with project stock: the MRP area subcontractor is ignored. In MD04 for the component (plant area) we get a dependent requirement in two individual WBS segments (ProjSt and ScPrSt). The MRP run creates a planned order in the WBS segment ProjSt. Even if we convert the planned order in a purchase requisition (knttp = Q) the indicator LBLKZ in the tab "delivery address" can't be set (supplier can be maintained) -> so a third party provision in the subcontracting stock is not possible.

The questions regarding subcontracting with project stock are:

- Is it possible to use the MRP area subcontractor here ? If so, what different settings do we have to make in contrast to subcontracting w/o project stock ?

- If using MRP area subcontractor is not possible, how can we implement the process "third party provision of components" here ?

- Why are there two individual WBS segments in MD04 (plant area) for the component and why does the MRP run creates the requirement coverage element in the ProjSt segment and not in ScPrSt segment ?

Many thanks in advance for any advice

Best regards