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Aug 04, 2020 at 06:24 PM

/SCWM/PI_USER Multiple tolerance groups assignement


We are implementing EWM and now we got the question from the project to create multiple user ID's for the same users... according to the business and the external implementation partner this is the only possible solution...

The reason they state is because in tcode /SCWM/PI_USER 1 user can only be assigned once.

what i see that they did is they are not using column " AA Activity area" but only assign tolerance group and tolerance group recount... and yes the system does not allow the same ID to be assigned twice... (without the AA column).

What they want the same user to be able to do is in the majority of the time when running certain adjustments should be able to recount but in special situations they do not want the stock to be recount only to be adjusted. And for that they state the user should have 2 ID's in SAP..

From a security point of view we are not so happy and convinced this can be the only possible solution so if any of you would have any idea.... welcome

Thank you