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Aug 04, 2020 at 10:47 AM

New Field added in IDoc custom segment - issue with Segment Definition



We already have a custom segment ZE1EDK99 with few fields. Segment Defintion : ZE1EDK99000

Now, we have added a new field to the custom segment by following the steps :

1. Cancelled the current Released version of the segment definition in WE31.

2. Added the new field, and Released the new version.

This created a new version of the Segment Definition - ZE1EDK99001.

Since we are not making any change on the IDoc Basic type or its Extension, we did not make any changes to the partner profile of the partner.

Now, the third party partners who consume this IDoc output, are getting an error that the mandatory segment ZE1EDK99000 (previous version) is missing.

Are we missing something or the new segment definition mapping needs to be done by the Partner consuming the Idoc?

Thanks and Regards