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Aug 04, 2020 at 04:06 AM

Query regarding adjustment accounts and financial statement presentment


Dear Gurus

I am configuring OBYP config so that F.19 can run. I have assigned GL account 225000 (GR/IR clearing account) and 2251000 ( GR/IR adjustment account) for adjustment account. Both the accounts are open item managed and post automatically.

I have also created a GL account 1150025 as 'Goods invoiced and not recieved' and GL account 2250025 as 'Goods received not yet invoiced'.

I have the below queries:

1. Should the GL account 1150025 and 2250025 be open item managed and mapped in FSV

2. Should these GL be part of FSV or not?

Once F.19 is executed two entries are created as below

Adjustment a/c Dr

Target a/c Cr

This entry is than reversed

Qué 3 can we not clear GR/IR for that date and not create the Additional accounts

It would be great if you can advise