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Aug 03, 2020 at 08:36 PM

FB50/FV50 GL Document Workflow


Hello SAP Experts

I'm having a little trouble setting up a document workflow. I have used WS10000051 as my basis to start and have been through SPRO to configure everything as per the numerous guides and posts across the wide web.

The 2 problems I am having are these:

1) Despite having set up my workflow variant to require posting release (and assigned it to company code, set up approvers etc...) when I create a document the release flag in the workflow tab is not checked.

2) When I park/save as complete my document the FIPP.Created event doesn't happen. But when I run the workflow test (swus) and event tracing test (swue), everything works fine even to the point where my approver gets a notification.

Which sadly brings me back to 1) my approver can select the document to release but release isn't required and so the document gets stuck...

I've just about banged a hole through the wall with my forehead now so any help would be greatly appreciated!