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Aug 01, 2020 at 07:49 AM

Passing CSV data as webservice input



I have a requirement where to a certain SAP MII transaction, I shall get input in the following format


Every '/' denotes end of the row and the column values are separated by commas (,)

I need to pass each row as a webservice line item with each column corresponding to a particular field in the service item payload.

The service input structure is as follows

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<ns1:receiptCreation xmlns:ns1="<SERVICE METADATA>" xmlns="<SERVICE METADATA>">











Therefore, I am trying to create three instances of <ns1:item> in my service call from the data passed to the transaction.

I have used a String_List_to_XML_Parser with Delimiter '/' to isolate the rows.

However, I am struggling with iterating over each row and map the fields to its corresponding service input?

Can anyone direct me as to how do I approach this?