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Jul 31, 2020 at 11:21 AM

SAP SDK for javascript Post Goods issue function Call

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How do I format a Post Goods Issue function call using SAP Cloud SDK for javascript? The following returns error: "Invalid Function Import Parameter 'OutboundDeliveryOrder'. I get the exact same error whether or not I pass the obj. This makes me think I'm not passing the function input parameters correctly but I cannot find any code examples on how it's meant to be done.

var dh = require("@sap/cloud-sdk-vdm-warehouse-outbound-delivery-order-service"); //"^1.9.2"
var obj = {"OutboundDeliveryOrder": MovementId};

var destination = await cfDestinations.readTenant(constants.endpoint.S4Endpoint, req);
S4Destination = {
   url: destination.url,
   authentication: destination.authType,
   username: destination.user,
   password: destination.password
.then((response) => {
   return res.status(200).send(response);
.catch(function (err) {
   return res.status(400).send(err);

edit: including the vdm documentation link: