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Jul 30, 2020 at 06:09 PM

granting access right to view/refresh Webi reports


A quick question about Webi view/refresh rights in BOBJ 4.2 SP5.

the only way I can get Webi view rights to work for a group is when I assign this group to Applications > Web Intelligence security from CMC Applications.

I thought this was not necessary as long as you gave them right to

  • Log on to BI launch pad and view this object in the CMC general application right for BI launch pad (Application BI launch pad)
  • Log on to Web Intelligence general application right for Web Intelligence (Application Web Intelligence)

along with data refersh, view etc rights.

I have no problem with that but what this does is adds the Webi Icon for the user in BI Launchpad (under My Applications in the Home tab). I was trying to avoid that.