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Jul 30, 2020 at 04:43 PM

Problem in Quantity Splitting in CO11N


Hi All,

I have a situation, when I am going to Auto GI through CO11N, I have splitted my GI qty into two parts.

1) Available qty

2) Non available qty.

When I am going to post both the quantity will move to the COGI.

Lets share an example. I am going to post a material 30 qty (GI-261). Available stock is 26.35. Now I have split the quantity into two parts,i.e., 26.35 & 3.65. Now my requirement is 26.35 qty will be posted and 3.65 qty will move to COGI.

But in my case both the quantities are moving to COGI.


co11n.jpg (64.7 kB)
error-co11n.jpg (41.5 kB)
cogi-error-1.jpg (49.2 kB)
cogi-error-2.jpg (47.3 kB)