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Jul 30, 2020 at 12:03 PM

GR posting from EWM system with batch characteristics but not updating the data


Hi All,

I am facing an issue while doing the GR from EWM system with the batch characteristics.Please respond if you have any leads.

Scenario: We need to update the duty fields of the purchase order in the batch characteristics(MSC3N -classification tab -Test field )as duty paid or unpaid by posting the GR from s4 sytem and also from EWM system.

We are able to achieve the functionality when we are posting GR from S4 system.

Issue: When we posting the GR from EWM system it is not updating the batch characteristics in Msc3n tcode.The FM we are using to achieve it is BAPI_OBCL_change inside /SPE/INB_DELIVERY_CONFIRM_DEC

Please respond if you have any idea.