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Jul 30, 2020 at 09:50 AM

Fiori My Inbox - Change default link option of Approve Purchase Requisition



In “My Inbox”, there are several Purchase Requisition pending my approval. If I open any one and click the PR number, a pop-up window is populated. If I click “More Links”, all available links appear.

If you select the "Display Purchase Requisition" and deselect other two links, the "Display Purchase Requisition" should display at the first page.

It only works if I stays in this app.
If I leave My Inbox and use this app for next time, it goes back to the original one showing two links and users have to perform the action again and again.

Approve PR is using OData service C_PURREQUISITION_FS_SRV, and the annotation file is C_PURREQUISITION_FS_ANNO_MDL.

Could you please advise how to make the "Display Purchase Requisition" at the first place?

If it requires enhancement, could you please advise which which part of C_PURREQUISITION_FS_ANNO_MDL or the other annotation file / which extension hook of CA_FIORI_INBOX or the other fiori app need to enhanced?

Much appreciated if detail step is provided.

Thanks in advance.


ah8kg.png (43.0 kB)
33gtw.png (85.4 kB)
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