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Aug 04, 2020 at 03:05 PM

BEX Query returns authorisation errors for over 40 items since upgrade to 7.50


Hi BW Experts,

My first time asking so please be gentle :)

We have a number of BEX queries which have a characteristic 0PROFIT_CTR restriction using variable 0S_PCTR (selection option/optional). Prior to upgrading to 7.50 it would allow for over 40 individual profit centres to be selected. However since the upgrade the reports now returns numerous "Characteristic Profit Center has no master data for "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX" or you do not have authorization" errors:

Using a different browser has no affect, I've confirmed that it is not an authorisation issue and all the profit centres exist in master data.

The report can only be run by breaking the list of profit centres down into sets of 40 and running the report for each set individually. The user then has to export and combine the results in a spreadsheet afterwards which is of course impracticable.

Here's what I think are the relevant parts of the variable definition:

Have tried creating a brand new variable, but to no avail. I also tried changing the "Variable Represents" setting to "Several Single values".

Is there a setting or limitation that has changed as part of the upgrade? Would appreciate any help given.



SAP Business Warehouse SAP_BW7500017, NETWEAVER 7.517 (02/2020)


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