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Aug 04, 2020 at 02:45 PM

Getting error in configuring Salesforce IDP in SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry Application



I am trying to configure custom Identity provider (Salesforce) for SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry Application, in this case Salesforce Act as IDP and SCP acting as Service Provider in Salesforce Connected App. So, we exported saml2 metadata from Salesforce and created new Trust Configuration in SCP where we imported that metadata file and this is how it looks like.

And I exported Saml2 metadata from SAP Cloud Platform and Imported in Salesforce.

I created Custom Attributes group in Salesforce which we mapped in role collection of SAP Cloud Platform. And assigned same users in both group and role collection.

Then when we are trying to open any application in the same subaccount it is giving below error, anyone have encountered this before or anyone have idea on this? Would really appreciate any insight on this.

On clicking on this above application link, it is giving below error.


scn1.png (96.9 kB)
scn2.png (113.6 kB)
scn3.png (117.2 kB)
scn4.png (79.8 kB)
scn5.png (67.0 kB)
scn6.png (92.0 kB)
scn9.png (60.6 kB)