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Aug 04, 2020 at 05:44 AM

SAP Fiori Search Bar finds functional location but does not show functional location label



I recently completed the Fiori setup for a new install, and I'm doing some testing. I successfully created a functional location (currently the only functional location in the system), and I labeled it TST. When I search for it in the toolbar (in all), it is finding it, however it doesn't indicate that it is finding it "in Functional Locations." So the first issue, is the search bar even finding the functional location as I intended based on its label? The word "TST" should be made bold if found to be an object, correct? But the text in the search bar doesn't turn to bold letters. So if it's not finding it based on the label, how it is finding it? And why is it showing it as "Functional Location (Internal)?" How can it be internal when the label is external and chosen by me on creation?
Second issue, if I were to do the same search for an equipment, the search bar indicates that it found the equipment "in Equipment", and will show the equipment number correctly in the search result, whereas for functional location, it is only showing a dash (as indicated in the red box). Why is the functional location label displayed as a dash (-) in the search result?