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Aug 01, 2020 at 04:22 PM

Shipment Costs based on owned trucks, not invoice from vendor, and multiple account allocation.


Hello there, I have been looking for the scenario, within the LETRA SAP Explanation is mentioned there, but I haven't found how to configure the cost allocation within multiple accounting and avoid the PO creation.

The scenario is as follows:

1) Truck transportation is owned by the company.

2) There are four costs based on time and distance related to the shipment: the maintenance cost (Distance); annual taxes related to the usage of the truck (Time); Truck Depreciation if there is still going on (Time); Driver Salary (Time).

3) Costs related to the travel, and the driver report travel expenses: Gasoline; Meals, Lodging, Tolls, and any other expenditure which corresponds to the travel, like repairs and spare parts. All these expenses would be allocated manually during the shipment cost creation and transfer.

4) The costs in point 2 will be direct to provisions in order to cover maintenance, truck taxes, depreciation, and driver salary, allocated to the logistics cost center.

5) The costs in point 3 will be treated as travel expenses and allocated to the logistics cost center as well.

Do you have any documentation about the scenario explained above? or some guide in order to make possible this specific scenario?