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Jul 31, 2020 at 06:29 PM



we had a requirement to restrict the workflow user based on authorization objects.

the agent determination is configured as work center. the work center has many agents assigned to it.

the release strategy is created in such a way that for many combination of purchasing group there is a common release group and release code. but the requirement is to filter the agents based on purchasing group at the time of execution in user exit of the workflow.

we have restricted the users as requested and appended the actors tab accordingly.

in few scenarios there are no agents and the workflow ends in error.

in production system there are lot of errors related to this.

the main issue frequently the production system need to synchronize buffer, else the workitem is not appearing on SBWP and fiori as well. the PO/PR is released using standard transaction and then the buffer is synchronized then the work item appears in the SBWP and fiori.

is the buffer synchronization issue occurs due to too many errors in SBWP without agents or do we have any other solution to complete the work item from inbox for which the step is executed in standard transaction?