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Jul 31, 2020 at 06:19 PM

...none of the payment methods defined can be used for these items


Hi there,

While running f110 user is getting error.please find the error screenshot below.

My client is making provision of TD

S, for example, user has maintained 7o thousand INR as a tds provision and then user received the invoice of 40 thousand INR out of 40 thousand user calculated 10% tds so it will be 4000 INR, In order to do that user had run f-44 and out of 70 thousand INR user had reduced 4000 INR as through charge of difference. After that user is running t110 and user is getting errors . I don't have any foreign currency and I can see currency and payment method combination and payment method is already in vendor master. Please help


f110-1.jpg (108.6 kB)
f110-2.jpg (86.2 kB)
f1103.jpg (86.7 kB)
f1104.jpg (84.9 kB)