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Jul 31, 2020 at 10:31 AM

How to use .OpenConnectionByConnectionString method?


Hi, scripting specialists!
I can't understand using .OpenConnectionByConnectionString method.
The idea of using the String is simple, but I've got lots of entries in my SAP Logon, some witn different Strings
How the method can choose right connection data? I couldn't find in API manuals the way to point out connection.

May be I'm wrong with the whole idea?
Let me explain what is needed:
there is my own Logging-to-SAP script. Sometimes I need to connect to the same base with or without the String.
It would be great if the script can detect chosen connection without the String is impossible, then tries to connect with the String.
So I decided to use .OpenConnectionByConnectionString to do the task, but with no effect.

Thanks in advance!