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Jul 31, 2020 at 09:47 AM

ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_BROKEN error in communication arrangements from C4C to CPI



I have already seen the various question of this problem, but I have not found any solutions.

My problem occurs when I check the connectivity from my C4C product to CPI test tenant (issue-screenshot.png), but when I test the connectivity from the tool to test connectivity from C4C I see 500 http error, so the iFlow in CPI test tenant has been reached (connection-test-to-system-sls-sap-cloud-for-custom.png, connection-test-to-system-sls-sap-cloud-for-custom.png ). Also when I call the URL from my on premise system (and in the borwser url toolbar) the IFlow has been reached (connection-from-sap-erp-to-sap-cpi-1.png, log-connection-from-sap-erp-to-sap-cli-1.png).

These are the image of the CPI monitor message after the test from test tool and after the test from ERP (sap-cloud-platform-integration-monitor-message-ove.png, integration-flows-count-number-increment.png ).

Could anyone help me to understand what is the problem?

Thank you.