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Jul 30, 2020 at 08:42 PM

Storing Social Insurance Number expiry date in HR Table in SAP ERP


We currently store SIN #'s in PA0002 and we want to leave it like this. We however now have a need to store expiry dates for any temporary SIN #'s (i.e. someone is on a work visa so the have a temporary SIN # that starts with 9). Our data is actually in SuccessFactors and replicated to SAP ERP. We replicate it because our Payroll and other programs are currently run from SAP ERP. In SuccessFactors this information (Temporary SIN expiry date) is in the Work Permit entity and we need to replicate it to SAP ERP for payroll purposes . Their is no field for this in PA0002. Our preference is to not create a custom field for this. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where this Temporary SIN Expiry Date could be stored in SAP ERP?