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Jul 30, 2020 at 04:02 PM

/bin/sh: tns: command not found when building MDK Client.


Trying to build the SAM MDK client however the build is failing.

MDK Dependencies Installer is all green for iOS => Your development environment is ready for MDK development! You’re ready to go to the next step!

Mobile Development Kit MDK CLIENT ==> MDKCLNT01P_5-80005072.ZIP
Metadata for SAP Asset Manager 1911 from the SAP ==> ASTMGRMETDTA00_0-80004961.ZIP
Asset Manager Branding SDK 4.0 ==> ASSET_MNGR_SDK00_0-80004962.ZIP
Asset Manager plug-in for iOS => MDKPLGNSDKIOS00P_1-80004970.ZIP

At set 9: Create the SAP Asset Manager client, is where i get the error saying that a command cannot be found.

User@UNKNOWN MDKClient_SDK % ./create-client.command
? Enter the path of the .mdkproject directory. ../SAM.mdkproject
Using ../SAM.mdkproject
Using /Users/User/Desktop/SAP [Work]/SAPAssetManager1911/MDKClient_SDK for out directory
? Would you like to build for iOS or Android or All? iOS
Building client for iOS
? Would you like to build for device or simulator of iOS? device
Building client for device of iOS
Removing existing directory /Users/User/Desktop/SAP [Work]/SAPAssetManager1911/MDKClient_SDK/SAM360
Creating application SAM360
/bin/sh: tns: command not found

/bin/sh: tns: command not found

Error: Failed to create application


"AppName": "SAMIntel360",
"AppVersion": "1911.0.0",
"BundleID": "",
"UrlScheme": "samIclient"