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Jul 30, 2020 at 03:49 PM

Is Handling unit mandatory in embedded EWM?


Hello SCM EWM Gurus,

One of agriculture client doesn't want to go for handling unit management and packaging specification in SAP embedded EWM implementation as they're moving from legacy ERP (Non-SAP) to S4 HANA on premise solution.

Reason for this business decision because they don't perform packing and repacking in warehouse activities majorly; however all boxes or bushels can be directly loaded to Trucks for customer shipments without any packing/repacking activities in staging area.

Please suggest if we do have options available in embedded EWM to disable handling unit management completely for Putaway, Picking, Physical inventory, internal warehouse movements completely or is HU management mandatory in EWM solution?

Also I don't find standard SAP industry solutions for Agriculture industry sector. Also my client is managing warehouse activities with 1-2 personals per plant of unique warehouse assigned.

Please advice what should i propose to client in this specific scenario.


Sujay Chinchole