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Jul 29, 2020 at 10:40 PM

SAP Purchase Order IDOC Message Type ORDERS in Different Logical Systems


Hello All,

We already have ORDERS Message type triggerred for a particular condition record. There is Logical System setup for this in BD64. ( E.g. LS1).This Message is generated to external Sysem for one Plant. This setup is working fine and don't want to touech any setting in this setup.

Now we have requirement of generaring the IDOC for Purchase order for another plant. So we created new Logical System in BD64 ( E.g. LS2 ) and different condition record and are using same message type which is ORDERS.

We also added Filter of Plant in BD59 and added Filter Group in BD64 in LS1 as well as LS2.

But now the Condition record is not working for Any Plant. It is Giving Message No B1138 saying "Too Many Recipients in ALE".

Can anybody suggest if they have been through similar situation.