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Jul 29, 2020 at 08:32 PM

How to aggregate calculated measures


Hello Gurus,

Here is my requirement: I have total shipments for each month for each customer. Some shipments are late (actual ship date-plan ship date). I need to categorize these late shipments into category like 1 day late, 2-3 days late etc (please see below table format that I am trying to get to). In the below table all I have from the model are Customer, dates and if a shipment is late or not or the month

So I create calculated measure for each category using days late obtained from actual ship date-plan ship date assigned value 1.

ex: for 1 day late below is the formula I created and all other categories are created this way. The yellow highlighted columns in Pic 1 are the measures I created.

IF([(actual ship date-plan ship date)<0 AND (actual ship date-plan ship date)>=1,1 ,0)

Then I pulled these calculated measures under measures in the chart (stacked bar chart) but the values are not aggregating . pic 2 is the table i need to achieve


Appreciate any guidance


pic-1.jpg (63.4 kB)
pic-1.jpg (63.4 kB)