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Jul 29, 2020 at 01:07 PM

editorArea:tab visible only on condition satisfied (visible if Product.attribute = somevalue)

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I have a added a tab productReferences as mentioned in below code

However I want it to be visible only if "Product.articleType == 'PACK'" . for other values like 'COMPONENT' it should not be visible.

How can this be achieved. If not possible with <editorArea:tab>,can this be achieved using dynamicForms

<context component="editor-area" principal="PH110101_buyersmember1,PH110102_buyersmember1,PH110103_buyersmember1,PH110104_buyersmember1,PH110105_buyersmember1,buyerslead1,enrichmentmember1,enrichmentmember2,enrichmentmember3,enrichmentmember4,enrichmentmember5,webopsmember1,qccheckmember1" merge-by="principal">
		<editorArea:tab name="" position="64" merge-mode="append">
		<editorArea:section name="hmc.section.referencepd"> 
                         <editorArea:attribute qualifier="productReferences" />