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Jul 29, 2020 at 06:22 AM

S/4 DDMRP without Fiori


Dear experts,

I would like to know if we could use half S/4 DDMRP functionality (no DD, MRP only) without Fiori?
For example:
Firstly, I will create the master data with MRP type D1 and lot sizing H1 in S/4 side.
Secondly, calculate the buffer and decoupled lead time individually from external system, then transfer them to S/4 side to change the fields in material master below to give the buffer related information.
1. Safety stock (as red buffer)
2. Reorder point (as yellow buffer)
3. Maximum Stock Level (as green buffer)
4. Total replenishment lead time (as decoupled lead time)
Then run MRP live (MD01N) directly in S/4 to create planned order for finished / semi product and planned order or PO for raw material by following the DDMRP logic.

Best regards,