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Jul 29, 2020 at 05:57 PM

SAP HANA 1.0 SP12 error in Calc View: UNKNOWN_ATTRIBUTE (AttributeEngine)


Hi All,

Am working with HANA 1.0 SP12.

Have got a HANA table where I have created a generated column that converts the time period to Minutes based on the logic below. This works perfectly well when I do a select from a SQL Console.

"TimePeriodMins" DECIMAL AS CASE "TimePeriod_UOM" WHEN 'HR' THEN ( "TimePeriod" * 60 ) WHEN 'MIN' THEN "TimePeriod" WHEN 'SEC' THEN ( "TimePeriod" / 60 ) END 

However when I use this column in a scripted calculation view, the view activates fine, but while running, am getting the below error:

Error: (dberror) 2048 - column store error: column store error: search table error: [6915] UNKNOWN_ATTRIBUTE (AttributeEngine)

The trace shows the below:

 search.cpp(18773) : Error:2048 column store error: stored procedure error: [34098] CalculationEngine read from repository failed.;Calculation scenario _SYS_BIC:zzzz.Views/CV_ZZZnot valid. at /sapmnt/ld7272/a/HDB/jenkins_prod/workspace/8uyiojyvla/s/ptime/query/plan_executor/trex_wrapper/trex_wrapper_body/
e RemoteQuery : unexpected exception at remote: code=2048(ltt=false), error=column store error: search table error:  [6915] UNKNOWN_ATTRIBUTE (AttributeEngine)

Have checked a few blogs and have unloaded and reloaded ALL columns of the table. Still the error persists.

Will be thankful for any guidance.